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We have developed an extraordinary expertise in global warming and energy management issues in recent years. Our training came by way of our clients
– who introduced us to some of the world’s leading climate change researchers
– and from decades of work with utility companies on energy efficiency initiatives for homeowners, and commercial and industrial companies.

With this growing expertise, we have developed a number of successful programs to help others move forward.

Company Carbon and Ecological Footprint:

The Climate Registry: In 2007 Bowman Design Group joined this program which provides tools for measuring and verifying carbon emissions. Our commitment to this program will help us measure our progress in coming years. We urge other companies to sign up as well at climateregistry.org.
Energy Improvements: We are working with our utility companies and contractors to reduce energy use in our facility by improving natural light and ventilation, installing a tankless hot water system, replacing all lighting with fluorescent lights, shading windows and more.

In 2007 we initiated a work-at-home program by providing computers and cell phones to staff in order to minimize long commutes. Employees opt to work at home or in the office based on the demands of each project.

Green Exhibiting
We are working with our fabrication suppliers to utilize sustainable forest products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, minimize transportation and extend the lifecycle of exhibit properties.

Education Programs

Industry Programs: Tom Bowman frequently speaks about climate change, energy management and sustainable practices to industry associations and professional conferences, such as Exhibitor, the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, Exhibit Designers and Producers Association and the American Public Health Association.

Public Programs
Tom Bowman frequently offers presentations and facilitates discussions about solving the climate challenge at universities, high schools, museums and public events.

Sustainability Mission Statement 2013
The managers of Bowman Design Group reaffirm our commitment to leadership in environmental performance as outlined in our Sustainable Business Plan of 2008. We further commit our company

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How One Small Business Cut Energy Use and Costs
How significant would it be if America's 29 million small businesses increased their energy efficiency and reduced their emissions? Judging from the example of one California entrepreneur, the impact could be far greater than you might expect.

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Living in a Glass House
An eco-communicator tests sustainability in his office and finds surprisingly easy, cost-effective ways to make dramatic changes.

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Defending California's Carbon Emissions Reduction Law
Tom Bowman explains how adapting to a low-carbon economy can be profitable and environmentally sound.

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Tom Bowman Accepts CoolCalfornia Award
Bowman Design Group received one of 5 inaugural Small Business of the Year awards for demonstrating exceptional climate change management practices and communication. Click below to watch the presentation and acceptance speech.

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The Business Case for Going Green
Using hard facts, Tom Bowman makes a compelling business case for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting exposure to volatile energy prices.

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Sustainable By Design
Bowman Design Group’s success in slashing greenhouse gas emissions is one of several instructive case studies in the Small Business Tool Kit at CoolCalifornia.org.

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Ask Mr. Green: Tom Bowman's Online Q+A on Green Exhibiting
"Ask Mr. Green" is a monthly column answering questions about Green exhibiting at Exhibitor Magazine online.

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The Green Team: Overcoming Green Obstacles With a Team
Overcoming the real obstacles to going green is easier when you have a team. The green business movement is hampered by an inability to define sustainability goals. While companies have great freedom to publicize their own ideas, relatively few have the in-house expertise to forecast legitimate environmental risks and opportunities and act accordingly.

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How Can You Make a Trade Show Booth Eco-Friendly?
Thanks to a burgeoning green products industry, there are plenty of eco-friendly options for trade show booths, from nontoxic paint to sustainable building materials

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Policy and Technology Alternatives for Controlling Climate Change
VIDEO -Tom Bowman, one of the premier interpreters of global warming science, impacts, and solutions gives an interview as part of "California and Global Climate Change," a mini-course at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

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Global Climate Change: How Will it Affect Us and the Ocean?
Scientific evidence now supports the conclusiong—with more than 90 percent certainty—that greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the largest single cause of recent warming.

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